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      1. 蘇州市繁盛塑料制品有限公司
        ABOUT US
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                 Located nearing the Taihu Lake of historic Suzhou city and the Dongshan exit of Suzhou Roundcity Expressway, Suzhou Fansheng Plastic Manufacture Co. Ltd is only 15KMs away from central city and enjoys a convenient transportation, advantageous geography and beautiful environment. Established in 1996, Fansheng is a professional pails manufacturer with total investment more than USD 2,800,000. We are always adhering to the business concept of “Customers’ satisfaction is our final intention” and trying best to provide customers with high quality products and creditworthy service, which earn us a decent reputation in pail industry.
                 Over the 12 years, under the guideline of “High Quality, Reliable Service, Customers’ satisfaction”, we have produced plenty of first-class, customer-satisfying products with reasonable price. In the future, we are eager to provide more convenient, speedy, excellent service for customers.

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