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      1. 蘇州市繁盛塑料制品有限公司
        Mold Center
        Custom Design


         Specialists in the design, moulding and manufacture
        We existed in the container market over 14 years, and our people have rich experience in design, moulding and manufacture. So we only need the new idea from you, and we will finish the rest part of the job, and deliver the ultimate product to your hands.
        Our core competitiveness
        We newly registered the logo of innopack, which indicate the core element of our company. So we can better understand our customers’ new idea and passion, and help our customers turn their aspiration into real. Most importantly, for the design and moulding part, compare with Western companies, we only need 10 to 20% of their costs. You may have the impression that low price accompany with low quality. Yes, we admit that, but for plastic container, which is a daily consumption good, is there still has so big different in quality? Besides, for the start of any project, less invest brings more safety.
        Any commention ,please contact with :  designer@innopack.com    
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